Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Should B confused???

Nothing confuses me more than OPKs. 

Since I question my bodies' ability to ovulate and the validity of just one brand of OPK, I test with two different brands. 

Today, CD16, I woke up, took my BBT (97.08) and peed in my trusty sample cup. I placed the First Response test in the cup, waited the allotted time and then set it on the counter. Next I put the Clear Blue test stick into the digital reader and held that in the cup for the allotted time. By this time the FR OPK was reading negative (dark control line and faint test line). 
I was okay with this negative reading as last cycle I got my +OPK around CD20. 

I then went about my morning ritual completely forgetting about the CB digital OPK. The digital takes FIVE MINUTES to show results. 

Five minutes is forever!!!!!

I come back to the bathroom and notice the CB OPK has a smiley 😀 face flashing on it.

At this point I am dumbfounded. Why would I get a negative on a two line test and a positive on the digital?

As with all my problems, I go straight to Google. 

And Google only made me more confused :-/

I wish I had taken a photo of the smiley face but I didn't. Now all I have are these two sticks to stare at. 

How did the digital get a positive out of this?!?! 

I found some people swear buy the accuracy of the smiley face. I found some people prefer the two line test because they can see a progression towards ovulation. Some people say the digital never gave them a smiley face when the two line test was clearly positive. 

None of these people mentioned if they had PCOS. 

So, I am stumped 

I did find one lady who was stumped just like me (no PCOS to my knowledge). She was so stumped she called the CB company for help. 

They told her that the CB digital OPK will never give a false positive (really never? that is a lot of faith in technology). They said the digital test stores and compares your previous tests. It is looking for an LH surge (PCOS and LH surges have a bad track record). Once it detects a surge it will give you a smiley face. It will not give you another smiley face unless your LH surges higher than the last test. So if you don't believe the first smiley and take another test, it will not show a smiley face because there was no INCREASE in LH since the last test. 

Apparently once you get a smiley face there is no need to test anymore because this is the "God of OPK tests and it will not tell a lie".

Sorry mystery employee of CB but I'm neither that naive, dumb, stupid, or trusting. 

You are trying to say that your company produces a flawless product that is made in China?? So, your company is the only one that has figured it out and have kept it a secret.

 Are you the OPK mob?? 

Should I double check my locks after doubting your product? 

Yeah, so I will keep testing with FR OPKs. 

On the plus side DH and I were feeling pretty frisky yesterday. We BDed around 9pm and again around 3am. Both times I elevated with a pillow for 30 minutes after. 

Two questions do pop up. 

Question 1: Does the 3am BD count as an AM BD on the FF app? We had not gone to sleep yet. I counted it as twice in the same day. 

Question 2: Would lingering fluids from BD cause the almighty CB digital to give a "gasp" false positive or the FR OPK give a false negative? 

I googled both these questions (of course) and came up with no definitive answer. 

Any input from my readers would be welcomed :-) 

Just to cover our bases we will BD again tonight. It helps that the friskiness from yesterday is still with me today:-) it makes  TI seem like less "work". 

On another topic, as of today, I am down 33.7 pounds. I am trying not to say "lost weight" anymore because the weight is not lost. I am not going to put out an ad for it. I most certainly will not backpack across the country in search of it. And there will be NO reward given if the weight is found. 

It has been 4 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days since I have started this journey. It took a long time to gain the weight so it will take just as long, maybe more, to shed the weight. This month I have joined a challenge. It is to do at least 100 crunches 6xs a week. So far, I am on day 5. I decided to add 25 crunches. I have done 375 crunches (yesterday was a rest day) this month. I think this is more crunches that I have done in my lifetime! LOL. 

I continue to put my challenge with weight and life on my blog to not only keep myself accountable, but share that it is possible. Slow and steady wins the race. What works for me may not work for everyone though. It is a lot like PCOS, trial and error. 

Thanks for reading bloggie world and have a beautiful day. 

UPDATE: turns out I was using the "advanced ovulation kit" which is closer to a fertility monitor that gives low/high/peak readings. This is why the smiley face I got was flashing it meant a "high" peak day. 

So ladies if your CB digital OPK has a purple button it is the advanced kind. If it has a pink button it is the regular kind.

I have since switched to the regular Clearblue digital OPK and things are going well.


  1. You are right , slow and steady is way easier to keep off too! Great job on your accomplishment up to this point! :)

  2. I'm so sorry for your OPK troubles and the fact that I don't have any answers what-so-ever. I am going to offer up some food for thought on the crunches though and you can take it or leave it. 100+ crunches a day is not actually very good for you. Your abs are just like an other muscle group. Resistance training on any given muscle should be done every other day, or eventually can/will lead to overtraining and injury. I know people say they do push-ups/sit-ups everyday, but that doesn't mean it's the best training plan. I would suggest alternating those days with squats, which effects your largest muscle groups and will result in the most change. Congrats on your weight "drop" so far! I think you are doin a fabulous job. It takes awhile to put it on and it takes awhile to take it back off. Great job Heather!!

    1. Thanks Amber. Yeah I figured out the abs thing like a week into it. I am officially an abs challenge drop out. Lol. I have added squats into my life even though I don't love them. As of late I have fallen off the weight drop wagon. Trying to climb back on it today.