Saturday, November 15, 2014

I Should B ready

It's been awhile. 

Sorry about that. 

My sister is recovering well. My mother had her knee replacement surgery yesterday and is in recovery. 

I am 37 weeks pregnant today and am REALLY feeling it. I feel guilty complaining but gosh I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. 

My boy is already measuring just past 40 weeks. I lovingly refer to him as my Chunka Monk (Chunky Monkey). 

I am battling my gestational diabetes, overall swelling, chronic hyper tension, anxiety, lots of round ligament pain and I managed to catch my husbands nasty cold flu that has my throat swollen. 

So yep I'm ready to meet mister Chunka. 

He was breech until Monday and is now bouncing between head down and sideways. I am scheduled for an induction on December 1st at 8am. 

I would have loved for it to have been Novemeber 29th (my late MILs birthday) but they would not allow it since it is a "holiday weekend". 

My last day of work will be Thankgiving Day (Novemeber 27). I am trying to work everyday between now and then so I can have one last decent paycheck before my unpaid maternity leave starts. 

It really stinks that us Americans do not get paid for maternity leave. I hope in the future to see this change. 

Finances are a constant worry for me. My DH keeps the mind set of "it'll all work itself out". I don't know how he does it. Faith in the unknown has always been difficult for me. I fear it always will be. My type A personality cannot seem to let go of the need to plan and control things. I know once Chunka gets here it'll be inevitable that it'll have to happen. Hopefully you'll stick around to watch it all unfold and I'll remember to share it all. :-)

Bloggie World this post is all over the place, which is fitting because that is how my mind seems to work these days.