Monday, June 17, 2013

I Should B paying attention

I have a midterm today :-/

It is online and due by 11:59pm

So, I have my book out to study. 

I cannot seem to stay focused. I need to study. I know I do not have all the information down pat. 

However, all I can think about is my TWW   .
I am 6DPO. 

Our timing was pretty great I think. Per FF we have a 46% chance that we conceived (based solely on TI). 46% is a high and hopeful number ,but it doesn't factor in PCOS or any other number of things that could go wrong.

So, I sit here worried and over analyzing everything we did or did not do this cycle. I am already thinking of things we can do differently if/when this is not our BFP cycle. 


I wish I could turn this part of my brain off and just pay attention to my school work. 

Sadly, I know that until we get a BFP or AF shows herself I will not stop. Of course in either of those scenarios more worries will ensue. 

Am I the only one that does this to herself?

Have a good Monday Bloggie world. Thanks for stopping by. 


Right after posting this I started spotting :-/ Guess I am out this cycle......

Bummer :-(

I did get a 96% on my midterm though.


  1. Nope I do the very same thing, I think we all do!! This whole thing is just hard :(

  2. Turning my mind off IF is impossible. I do my best to distract myself, but there is never a day that passes without thinking about the what ifs, whys, and buts.

    Fingers crossed that this cycle brings you your BFP! It sounds like timing was right, and that's a big piece of the puzzle.

    Hope you got that midterm done! :)

  3. Who can concentrate on school work in times like these? 2WW's are the worst. I'm also finding that they never end. I'm currently in my 2WW for my next ultrasound and it is DRAGGING by! I thought I was done with those things, but apparently not. I am always cheering you on, crossing my fingers and toes, and can't wait to cheer you on for the next kind of 2WW. Congrats on such a high score on your test.