Monday, January 30, 2017

I Should B giving back

I was trying to define a purpose for my blogging space now that Jack is 2 years old. I took time and have decided I will blog when my heart needs it about whatever the topic may be. It may be months, weeks, days or years between each posting, but I will continue to post.

When I was a child we needed to live in a type of shelter due to means beyond our control. We resided there for over a year, never leaving the walls of the facility not even for school. School was there too. It wasn't a pretty place but it is where we needed to be at that time. I am thankful for our time there.

Recently, that place has been on my mind and heart. I want to give back. The place is still around but has blossomed into a larger more equipt facility. I reached out to offer my time or my story for hope to others residing there now. I do not know what will come of it, but I hope I am able to help them as others in the past helped our family.

So, I ask this of you Bloggie World, can you give back? Is there a place that helped you and your family out throughout the years that you could offer time, money, clothes or even a stop in to say thank you?

Remember somebody out there would love for their after to be your present and all they need is hope, faith and someone to believe in them.