Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Should B explaining part 2

To understand this post you will need to read Part One

before continuing I want to mention that I did have a friend that i confided in during the time i was with Bob. This friend, lets call her Betty. Betty helped me in more ways than i can thank her.


now to continue the explaining....

When i woke up from the lap the doctor was there (talk about luck).

He told me the surgery was a success.

However, they found some endometriosis. He did not see it being an issue since they removed it and did the drilling. I should be pregnant within at the most three months.

After the doctor left Bob held my hand and told me he was done.

 He was done with me.

 He was done with this IF crap.

He was done wasting money on something that wasn't going to work.

He was done.

He was in love with his girlfriend. He wanted to date her. He did not want to be attached to someone like me. How could any man want to be with a woman that is essentially not a woman since she cant even have children.

to say i lost it would not cover my reaction.

I laid there with tears streaming down my face.

My blood pressure and heart rate raised so quickly that my monitors started beeping.

The nurses came in and wanted to know what was wrong. I of course could not tell them the truth. I told them i didn't know and just didn't feel right

They would not release me from the hospital.

They were keeping me over night.

When they mentioned that Bob could not stay i had a panic attack.I knew if he left that room then my life as i knew it would be over and i would never see him again.I was terrified of the unknown. After the attack they let Bob stay.Bob was never one to appear to be a bad person to the public so he put on the doting husband attitude.It was the best i'd been treated by him in years.

I fell asleep.

I woke up and he was gone. I had another panic attack.The hospital kept me another night baffled at way my heart rate and blood pressure would not drop.

I was too embarrassed to tell them the truth.

Bob returned and said he and his girlfriend had packed up some of my stuff and it and my car were parked in the lot at the hospital. I was not to return to our place. i needed to find a new place to live and he left.

Yep another panic attack.

I called my mom. I did not tell her what had happened with Bob. I told her this surgery was scarier than i thought and i just wanted my mom to help me. Cause a girl just needs her mom sometimes.

After being in the hospital for three days from an surgery that was not supposed to keep me even one night. i was released.

I explained to my mom that Bob had to work. He could not take anymore time off from work for fear he would lose his job.

my mom was just happy to be needed.

I called Betty while my mom was asleep and explained everything. She knew this was coming she told me. She had a plan. Betty came and got my keys for my place with Bob. She called him and said she was coming to get my stuff. He gave he a window of time to pick it up the next day. I decided i needed to go with Betty. I needed the closure.

Betty arranged for a uhaul and a storage unit. She said after i was done recovering her and I would live together and she would help me get on my feet.

I did not have a job (Bob didn't like me to). I did not have my bachelors degree (Bob said it was student loans or a baby not both). I did not know how to survive (Bob handled the bills since it was his money). It was like all the knowledge i had before Bob was gone.

Betty put out a facebook blast for help with the moving.

It read something like this:

"need help ASAP. Cheating husband has kicked out my BFF to be with his girlfriend. We need to move her stuff out NOW. Please help! Address is...."

I was surprised at how many people showed up. People i had never met.

They wanted to take everything that wasn't nailed down. I wouldn't let them. I told them to leave stuff. I wasn't raised to be vengeful and I wanted to leave the marriage knowing i did not do anything hurtful or negative. I was not going to give him any ammo to use in the divorce.

He filed the divorce papers the next day,

I didn't fight it. I just wanted to be done and move on.

this ends Part two.


  1. Ugh. You are freaking kidding me. This guy left you right after your surgery!!!???? I hope karma gets him one day!! Thank goodness for "Betty".

    1. Jennifer last I heard (over a year ago) karma did catch up to him.

  2. Oh Heather, this post makes me cry for you. What an absolute shit head. Seriously. I am so thankful for Betty being there for you.

    1. I too am happy Betty was there. Without her my life would have been so different