Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I should B sleeping

It is 5:27am and I should be sleeping. However, in my absence of sleep I came to the decision to start a blog. This decision could stem from sleep deprivation so we will see what becomes of this blog.

To start, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am currently 29+2 years old, a full time college student, newlywed , and we reside in the state of Florida. I do not have what I would consider an interesting life but then again what do I know? I enjoy reality tv for goodness sake!

In the previous paragraph you may have noticed my creative way of expressing my age. If you did not notice, feel free to scan up quickly,I'll wait. Okay now that we have seen my aversion to beginning my age with the number three I would like to share why. Well to begin with 3 is a larger number than 2 and what is good about being larger? Yep I couldn't think of anything either. By making people do math to figure out my age I am assisting them in keeping their mind sharp. Also, being in college and being in my twenties just seems to flow better. These might not be good reasons but they are MY reasons that I reserve the right to alter at anytime.

Well, I am beginning to get sleepy so I am going to attempt to go back to sleep. Hopefully when I wake up I won't think this starting a blog thing was just a dream. I would like to keep my blog out of the blogging cemetery (its a real place) so I hope I remember to keep blogging.


  1. Well, I see you've managed 10 posts so far. I'm happy to know you haven't made it to the blog cemetary before I had a chance to actually follow you! Looking forward to reading the other posts!

  2. Thank you Amber! And thanks for following my blog. I have gotten positive response with my blog so that helps to keep it out of the cemetery. :-)