Friday, March 22, 2013

I Should B at a meeting

Today I have a meeting at school. It is for a program I am a part of and we meet every other Friday. I look forward to these meetings where I get to hear about the good things we have planned on and for our campus plus to see my friends and colleagues.

Today I will be missing the meeting due to an Endo day and I am angry.

I am angry that this happens on days that I'm not even on my period. I am angry that my body does things I do not understand. I am angry that this is treatable but not curable. Having to take pain medication just to be able to get out of bed is infuriating! I detest pain medication. I do not like how they can make me feel not all here and I cannot drive on them. However, being curled up in a ball in bed writhing in pain is something I hate more. In case you missed it, I have Endometriosis. It affects every woman differently if you do not know much about it please look it up. I would give you a link to few but I have no clue how to add links in my blog as of yet.
I am off to go curl up with a heating pad and watch Netflix till I will probably fall asleep. Sleep is easier than dealing with the pain. I am thankful I do not have many days like this but when they do happen I am useless and angry about it.

I hope someone is having a better day than I am.

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