Monday, March 25, 2013

I Should B Random Today

So, many thoughts are running through my head. I will write about them in no particular order. They may or may not make sense to you. Please feel free to ask for clarifications.

WARNING: This is a long post.

First up, traffic.

It took me two hours to get home from school today. TWO HOURS!! Ugh I cannot stand being in my car that long. The stop and go traffic is annoying. People just can not seem to drive in Florida! I may or may not be one of these people depending on the day.

Today was not one of those days.

On days like today I feel like I am surrounded by student drivers out alone in the car for the first time. The odds of this occurring are like three billion to one , but that is still how I feel. I mean clearly the route people take home is not new to them all. However,more than half of the drivers chose to wait till the last minute to change lanes before their exit/turn without using their turn signals! I mean what is up with that?!?!

Traffic rant is now over.


Next up, Metformin

So, as of two days ago I am taking Metformin (250mg gradually increasing to 1000mg). The goal is to have me ovulate to result in regular periods as I do not want to take BC. DH and I are open to a BFP. I have recently been having a lot of cramping without periods which is an Endo. thing. I need to have regular visits from AF to help keep the Endo. pain down. Mind you this will not elevate the pain but hopefully it will lessen the pain. I did not get the Metformin from an RE so my levels are not being monitored for ovulation. I will however be tracking my ovulation (I hope) with the CB monitor and BBT. If I ovulate successfully and do not experience any other complications then DH and I will be actively trying (more so then now). I will only be on the Metformin till June as that is when my prescription will run out and everything will be reassessed then. Clearly we would like a BFP but mainly we want my body to regulate. So, I will be adding many more blog posts in relation to fertility in the next few months.

Consider this your warning :-)


Next on the list, Soy Isoflavones

I recently read that Soy is similar to Clomid. I discussed with DH about taking this in May and June to aid us in getting a BFP and he is on board :-) this of course will all depend on if the Metformin works.

I am still in the research mode of Soy Iso.

Here is where I started my research:

It says many women have had success on Soy. The fact that I can get it at Walmart for under ten bucks is highly appealing. I worry about the chances of birth defects, miscarriage, and chances of multiples<-- this one is more of a DH concern.

Does anybody have any other reading suggestions? Or comments/thoughts about Soy Iso?


Next up, our cats

We have three cats. I had two before we married, a girl (Hiro) and a boy (Duke). DH had a boy (Vic). All three are rescue cats. My two are declawed,his is not. Every other day we give them wet food and every other day they fight. I am talking alley cat fighting here! So the fighting leads to a delay in receiving wet food(they always have dry food). I just do not understand why they do this! I mean they are only going to hurt themselves and I fear one day they actually WILL hurt each other.

They make no sense but I love them still.


Finally, Girl Meets World

Have you seen there is going to be a show on disney that is a spin off of Boy Meets World?!?

I am excited about it and you should be too!

Okay that completes my randomness for today.

Till next time bloggie world :-)


  1. I have not tried Soy- Clomid was a waste for me, so I am sot sure Soy would help. I will have to look into it!
    I am on 1500mg of Metformin and I have no side effects. I wonder if we can up the dose at times? I am still trying to regulate my cycle and I have been on it for a year!

    1. I have been on Metformin before (2 years ago) and it worked then. I have gained weight since then so not sure if it will have an effect.i have to start at such a low dose because I get very sick from Metformin. I heard that sometimes Metformin will stop having an affect at some dosage levels after a long time.
      When I was on Metformin for a BFP my dosage was 2000 mg a night (before bed) so not sure if 1000mg will get us a BFP.
      Also, I have taken Clomid before as well (again 2 years ago). It didnt work as well as the RE wanted and that's when the Lap was done and Endo was found and scraped out.

      I am going to do more research on the Soy.

  2. New follower...looking forward to getting to know you!

  3. omgosh! Girl Meets World? I haven't seen that but will have to check it out. Hubby and I used to watch Boy Meets World reruns all the time! Corey and Tapanga...

    1. I know!! Super excited! This is where the nerd in me comes out