Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Should B Nice

Why do people think it is okay to tell me that maybe I wasn't meant to have children?!?!?

Maybe I am meant to smack you across the face!

Maybe just MAYBE, I should walk away before I say something I shouldn't !

That is what I did.

I excused myself and left the room where I went straight to the bathroom an cried.

Normally I can blow these comments off. I mean it was not the first time I've heard it and sadly it will not be my last. Today I just seemed more emotional than most days :-/

I hope you all have a happy Easter weekend and maybe the Easter Bunny will leave us the kind of eggs we want :-)


  1. I don't understand how people can say something like that without realizing how its just so dang rude and hurtful. I'm so sorry you've had to hear these words more than once. I am hear to tell you it is NOT true. You WILL have the children you are meant to have!!!!

  2. Ugh, we never get used to it do we? The advice people offer up so freely. If I wanted it, I would ask! Happy Easter, friend!

  3. Wow I can even imagine someone having the urge to say that to anyone at all. I say that to myself all of the time and to the DH but I would NEVER say that to someone else.