Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Should B jumping for joy

Her surgery was a success!! 

I would be jumping for joy but being 30weeks along might make that difficult. 

She is still at the hospital recovering but the doctors are hopeful for a full recovery. 

Oh and she can walk! No paralysis:-)

Admittedly all this stress has not been well for me and the baby. I was experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks from being overwhelmed. I am now on an anxiety medication and I think I should've spoken up sooner to my doctor. While I still have hormone flare ups, it is no where near where it was. Here I thought I was just getting a big dose of pregnancy hormones. Lol. 

Baby boy is doing good. At my last appointment I was 28w6d and he was  measuring 31w2d. So who know if he will be coming early. 

I have another appointment this Friday along with maternity pictures and meeting my doula. AND this Sunday is the baby shower :-)

Lots of good things going on this week. 

Have a wonderful day Bloggie world


  1. Love this post, full of good news!!!

  2. I'm so glad the surgery went well and there is no paralysis. I was afraid to ask! Glad the anxiety meds are helping now too. So many good things!