Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Should B Processing

Processing is EXACTLY what I am doing.

I am super excited about my number doubling. I worry that I'm too excited and that I am setting myself up for dissappointment. IF brain is always there doubting things. IF STINKS!. I want to shout to the world that I have my miracle on the way but instead I don't. For those that may not know, this is not my first pregnancy. My first was in 2010 and I was pregnant for 10 weeks. I didn't have any symptoms and took the pregnancy for granted. I did not enjoy each day. Now, all I want to do is enjoy each day. This is one of the reasons I have told select people in my life. God forbid this is not my take home baby but, I don't want people to first hear about it by informing them I m/c. I want joy. Many poeple have been by our side through IF and I want them to be happy too. So, with that in mind I share with a disclaimer that we are not "out of the woods yet". I also had to tell my supervisor at work. It is WAY earlier than I would want to share with an employer; however, I do not have a typical job. As you know we do "take downs" which can become quite physical. I cannot and frankly will not put my child in danger. So, I told my supervisor why I could no longer particpate in that part of my job. He was fine with it and informed me he would have to share with the administaration for my saftey and in order to schedule another female on staff during my shift since I can no longer do the female "take downs". Sadly, someone slipped this information and now everyone at work knows. I really did not want to share with my coworkers before 12 weeks. But, it is done now and I cannot change it. I just feel weird that most of my family doesn't know but, people I barely know do.

Just taking it one day at a time.

As far as prenatal care goes I have an appointment April 24th. I am trying to get in sooner if possible.

Symptoms have hit me pretty hard. Well mainly one. My boobs hurt like all get out! It hurts to raise my hands, shower, get dressed and sleep. I take it as a reminder that every thing is okay. I also have been having bits of nausea. It sems to hit while at work between 4 and 6 am. So far, I have managed to keep my food where it belongs.

I will end it here as I need sleep. Another symptom :)

Bloggie World I hope you stick around as I continue down this road of pregnancy. If you don't or can't I understand and wish you the best. 


  1. I'll be here following you along, supporting you!

  2. Heather I absolutely love this post. I know it was awhile ago now, but you just sound so positive and happy!