Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Should B Patient

Well not having insurance is the pits. I never in a million years thought I'd be a pregnant person without insurance. When I was hired onto my new position at work the 90 day wait did not seem bad. We planned to vist the RE in June, when my insurance starts, to discuss our next option in TTC maybe even schedule an IUI. We never thought to use protection during this time because multiple cycles with and without medication were unsuccessful. I feel so guilty.

I want the best possible care for my child and being uninsured is not getting me there. We will be fine though.

As an IF patient if I needed a scan or lab work or to talk to the doctor I would get a response within 24 hours. It was quick and I was spoiled.

Trying to get a beta done and get results the same day has been something I have found to be impossible. I did go get the beta done but the lab said the results can take 24-48 hours. Plus, the doctor's office WILL NOT call me with the results and insist I come into the office for the results. I have never heard of an office being unwilling to share the results if the patient is willing to sign consent. Aparently they don't even have a concent form for this.

So now I wait. I am hoping I can convience them that for my second beta on Wednesday to give me the results over the phone.

If I have to wait then I will wait.

Waiting is not my forte.

Blogie World how do you deal with waiting?


  1. I don't deal well. :)

    But wishing you oodles of patience as you wait for your results!!

  2. Most people (IF people anyway) don't have to wait for beta results, but even those that do, usually hear over the phone. I've never heard of anyone actually needing a doctor's visit to get beta results. Sorry it was so difficult, but not sorry for the reason! Don't feel bad for not using protection. Under the circumstances, what an absolutely amazing thing that you are pregnant! You will get through this. We had 2 months without insurance recently, with our newborn preemie babies, while Hubby transitioned to a new job and also had that stupid waiting period. Sucks to have great insurance, but then take a better job and get punished for it.