Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Should B aware that I'm not alone

I admit that I am having a hard time figuring out what to write on my blog. 

My new job is taking up a lot of my time. However, due to privacy laws I cannot write about details of my day. They are interesting details! I love my job and want to be able to share my experiences with everyone. Luckily I can share a little (not all) bit with DH. His feed back and support is great!

Yesterday I was at the laundry mat at our apartment complex (I wish our place had a w/d). It was pretty busy so I stayed mainly to myself. Normally I do not talk to anyone there. I keep to myself and get my laundry done quickly. Well in this occasion there was a back up at the dryers. A woman was using FIVE of the dryers and had left her clothes drying. When they were done, she still was not back. So one other woman and I had to wait for dryers to open up. Naturally we began to talk. Our conversation started with our experiences living in our apartment complex. Then it moved to where we grew up. She is from England by way of New York. I'm born and raised in the Tampa area. I have no idea how but our topic shifted to whether we had children. I hesitated and almost just said a simple "no". Then I thought why not share that I was an IF woman. I basically said that we want children but that we would need medical help to achieve this. Her response was something along the lines of oh yeah me too. 
Turns out she has PCOS!! 
I could not believe it! 
She is younger than I am and just like me at that age she doesn't really know what PCOS all entails.

I ,of course , jumped at the chance to share as much as I could about it while our clothes tumble dried. 

She is on BCP and Metformin. 

She asked me what is one advice I could give her about it. I had never thought about this. Only one ??? 

Then it hit me. 

"If you envision the man you are with to be the father of your children then start trying NOW. Do not wait. Do not stop go. Do not collect $200"

While all PCOSers are not the same, we all struggle. It is better to know sooner rather than later that more aggressive treatments will be needed. Plus, if you want to have more than one child the journey could be longer. 

There is never the perfect circumstances to have children for anyone. If you wait for that time then you could miss your chance. 

My advice was not enlightening or prophetic but it was from my heart. Given the chance I would say it again. Maybe she needed to meet me that day. Maybe it was a reminder to me that I am not alone in my IF struggle. Whatever the reason our paths crossed as we cleaned our clothes, I am thankful. I hope I helped her understand PCOS more and what it can mean when TTC. Even if she doesn't listen to my advice today, I hope she remembers it in the future. 

I am happy we met even if ever so briefly. 

What would your bit of advice be Bloggie world?


  1. I'm totally with you on this, if you are with the man of your dreams and intend to have kids don't wait! Lol pending everything progresses as it should it took us 2 years and we are already 34 yikes!

  2. Awww that's great, Heather! We waited only 7 months after getting married but we wanted to be more financially stable, and that was the only reason we waited that long!

  3. I would live to hear more about your job. I hope you are enjoying it! Amazing the conversations we can have with people in the most random places. I'm glad you had a chance to meet this woman, if only as a reminder to you both that you are not alone. My advice: don't give up without trying everything within your power if having children is what you desire. Don't look back with regrets saying "I wish we woulda." If you still don't have kids at the end of the day, at least you know you tried everything you could and can live with no regrets.

  4. Heather, since you and I are in the same field...I totally get what you are saying. Since I love writing so much, many days I have wanted to write about the clients I have worked with...I just don't know how to do that without keeping their info confidential. As for waiting or not, I only wish I had met my husband sooner. We got married when I was 29 and started trying just two months later. Seeing how long it is going to take, I wish I had more time. I know at 32 there is still time, but there could be more of it as well!