Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Should B BDing!!!!!



So let me give you a break down of things. I know you are dying to know. 

So, normally I use the Clear Blue fertility monitor to track ovulation. After reading up on it and PCOSers I decided to add OPKs to the mix in case the monitor missed my ovulation area since I have longer cycles than the average woman. 

I have never used OPKs before and was quite hesitant to start. The part that worried me was the fact that I had to interpret the results myself. I was worried my wishful thinking would get me to see what I wanted and not the truth. With encouragement from other women in the infertility community I decided I could do it and when in doubt I would post pictures for help with the interpretations. I did not enter this with much vigor. I would go a few days with testing and then miss one or two. Well today I woke up and decided to test. I did not test yesterday because I was having cramping and figured it was AF headed my way.So I wasn't clear on whether it was + or - so I posted it online for help. They all agreed (after I took two) that the OPK was POSITIVE !!!! I never know when AF is coming and I am still worried that this +OPK stuff is a fluke and AF is coming any minute. However, to just get a +OPK is a dream come true. I feel like it is a mistake (even after two different type of opks). I wondered if you could get a +OPK if AF is around the corner so, naturally I googled it. There were varying opinions on the subject so I'm still not convinced this is a true +OPK. I do not want to get my hopes up too far. I know only time will tell. 

Do not worry DH and I did the BD minutes after I took the OPK (and will again later) I elevated my hips with my legs in the air afterwards and everything. Lol. It might be for nothing but we have to try. 

To get this type of hope on Mothers Day is such a blessing. It means the possibility of me becoming a mother is still there. 

Even if this is just a fluke, I will cherish the hope it has brought me even for this one day. 


  1. I know OPKS are hard to decipher. I am sorry they are so confusing. I tested 3 times a day with three different brands. I am a bit obsessive. I worry I will miss the window! Don't give up! That test had a strong line and I think you are okay...

    1. Thank you for your help! I have a feeling anthropologists will discover many opks in the future and hopefully they will understand us IF people are obsessive. Lol