Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Should B moving right along

Hello there! Long time no see. 

It is clearly all my fault but I hope you will forgive me. 

I am finally starting to embrace this pregnancy. We have made it past the 12 week mark and announced on social media (huge step). 

I am happy to say things are progressing nicely with our little B. 

I have a feeling B might be a boy solely based on the amount of gas I have! I'm either burping or farting (eww) all the time it seems. My child is starting the burping and farting contests early it seems and momma is not amused. Daddy thinks it is hilarious, of course. 

I am experiencing lots of typical symptoms. 
Back ache
Oily skin
Occasional nausea (I hope it'll go away soon)
Cravings (today it was a slurpee)
Food aversions (pizza, sweets)
Heart burn

These are all the ones I've experienced just today. Some days it is more or less. 

It is still strange to me how much change my body is already going through and has yet to do. 

And as I know some people like pictures and others don't, ultrasound photos are next. 

Here is our Little B at 11w6d

Look at those long legs! I have short legs so not sure where they are from. 

And here is a 3d one with crossed legs. You can also already see the shadow of hair which explains my constant heartburn. 

I am thankful and blessed to be experiencing this miracle. 

Thanks for reading Bloggie world and have a wonderful weekend. 

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