Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Should B waiting

It is officially 3DPO per FF. which means we are in the dreaded tww stage of things.

I hate waiting. Patience is not a virtue to me.

I honestly have no clue if that is correct. FF says that my temps and my +OPKs don't match up. I got my first +OPK on the same day that ovulation occurred. Normally a +OPK happens the day before you ovulate. I am guessing my surge happened at night the day before and I caught the back end of it when I tested. 

I am not feeling too confidant about this cycle. It was my first time on Clomid and my reactions to it were normal I think. At least now I know when I will ovulate (CD18) when taking Clomid so we can time intercourse better next time. 

Plus, next cycle I will not be so bogged down with schoolwork :-)

 I decided to get this book for my DH.
I asked him if he would even read it since he is not a huge fan of reading and he said he would!

I am hoping it can explain things about IF in a better way than me. 

Hey it can't hurt :-)

On other news:

 a FB friend from high school just found out at 14w3d that her baby does not have a heartbeat. This would have been her and her husbands fourth child and I am so sad for her. :-(

A blogger friend had her twins today and I am super happy for her!

There have been two pregnancies announced in my IF support group. I am beyond ecstatic for those ladies and their miracles. 

 It is a bittersweet day


Not too much else to share today (although I'm sure I'm forgetting something).

I hope you have had a good day Bloggie world

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  1. I hope your husband enjoys reading the book, or at least feels like be gets something out of it. My Hubby isn't a big reader either. I'm not sure he's actually read a book like that if I got it for him. Sorry about your friends loss. I'm not go an lie, reading stuff like that kind of freaks me out right now. Being pregnant is scary.