Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Should B Thankful

I am beyond thankful for my DH. He and I really do compliment each other and it makes me so happy.

Yesterday we had plans to have dinner with DH brother and wife.

The plan was to go out to eat and then come back to our place for fun visiting and games.

Well, this meant the house needed a good cleaning. I mean I can't have my BIL and SIL over and not have the bed made or house dusted. I know I sound crazy but it really is how I feel. I have only been officially part of the family for 4 months (even though we dated for awhile before marriage). It is important to me that the apartment look nice.

So, I woke up early to get to work on our place. DH was still sleeping as I didn't want to wake him and make him clean because I'm freaking out. Well, DH got up and said we should do it together! I just love him! Best part is he did all the vacuuming!!! I detest the vacuum and always ALWAYS have hated doing it. I mean I'd prefer cleaning the toilet (which I did) instead of vacuuming. DH took care of dusting and loads of other stuff while I scrubbed things I'm sure nobody but me would even notice. We were able to finish cleaning in a little over an hour! It would have taken me all day to do it but teamwork made it not only quicker but fun. Love my DH!

We went out to dinner with BIL and SIL. It is a treat for them as they have three daughters (twins-8yrs old, singleton,3yrs old). When we came back to our place we played Catchphrase. It was tons of fun! We did best out of 7 and DH and I won! It was tied up going into the last game.

I am thankful for these fun times and having a great DH.


  1. I hate to vacuum and DH thinks I do a bad job so I never have to! Or dust! Or pick up dog poo... I dont do much now that i think about it! LOL! So happy that you found a love that makes all your days shine! XOXO

  2. Haha! You are not a freak for wanting a clean house when you have company :) That made me laugh. Don't we all do that? So nice that your husband did all of the chores that you hate to do. We love playing games too! I'm glad you were able to have a fun night with your family.

  3. What an awesome husband! Mine would have stayed asleep.

    I also freak out when Hubby's family comes to visit. He's got extended family that will snoop through closets and cupboards, so when I know someone is coming who'll step foot inside, I start panicking and have to clean All.The.Things to make everything look presentable.

    1. Umm I would faint if my family looked in cupboards and drawers!! In this case ignorance is bliss and I will not even think like that! Bless you for handling family that snoops.

  4. So adorable! My husband does almost all the cleaning in our house, and all the cooking, and all the projects. Wait a second, what do I do?!?! Hahaha. :)