Friday, February 21, 2014

I Should B Insured

So, I realize I just posted something, but that was mostly about my sister. Plus, I am trying to keep busy to stay awake.

I am currently on day 20 of my new full-time position at work. The first day of the month after my 90 days I will have medical insurance !!!

No, you did not read that incorrectly.


whoop, whoop

I am just a little excited about it.

My main concern and focus will be to get checked out for uterian cancer or really any cancer. My mother had uterian cancer at 33 which resulted in a hysterectomy. My sister is 36 and it all just happened to her. Both of my grandmothers had breast cancer. I am currenlty 32.

Let's just say the odds are NOT in my favor, no even a little.

If all should come back okay (please God) then we will be pursuing this crazy TTC thing again. However, my insurance has an "exclusion" section and of course infertility is listed. It is actually worded in an extremely tricky way. I posted it to my support groups and every interpretation of it was different. I will have to visit the benefits specialist to truely get an understanding of it.

Oh, and I bet you are thinking to yourself, "wait, why is she so excited about medical insurance?"
The answer is tha,t I have not had insurance in 4 years. While in college I was able to use the school clinic and that is where I was able to get TTC help but it was super limited. It did not offer me access to "The Big Guns" a.k.a. an RE. I am excited about the prospect but afraid of the cost and what they will say. I'll worry about that when the time comes.

June 1st is when it will be active. That is 99 days away....

Be good Bloggie World and have a fantastic day.


  1. So glad you have insurance coming to you!

  2. I think this is maybe the definition of being an adult - being excited about medical insurance. Happy for you though, because it definitely sucks to be without!

  3. Wait, why is your 90 days up in 99 days? (Less now) I'm so happy for you that you have insurance coming your way. We didn't have insurance for years so I know how scary that can be. Great idea to have the cancer screenings done since it runs in your family. Hopefully they all come back negative, but best to stay on top of it!

    1. It is longer because Insurance starts the first day of a calender month after your 90 days is finished. My 90 days ends May 2nd so insurance won't start till June 1st :-/

  4. Exclusions... ick. Actually I just started a new job, and I wonder if my exclusions include infertility... Interesting... So glad you are getting insurance coverage!