Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Should B employed

I'm sure many of you have noticed my lack of posting. I apologize for this. I thought once I graduated that I'd have all this free time and in turn be posting all the time. Instead I've been applying to jobs and perfecting my résumé. 

Funny how things never seem to work how you planned. 

Speaking of plans...

I had a plan for myself when it came to my career after graduation. I was going to apply at certain places and they would all be knocking at my door based in my enthusiasm and education. Let's face it, I'm awesome and everyone else will see this too. Yeah that bubble quickly deflated with the words "experience required". I know I am not the first person to face this dilemma. How do you get experience without someone giving you a chance? So, I resorted to applying to lower level positions that I was over educated for just to get my foot in the door. I was willing to change bed pans if I had to. Of course then I got the "your over qualified" response. Yep I couldn't win. While I was getting responses to my resume and applications, I was not getting interviews. I needed at least one to feel like all my hard work at finding a job was paying off (it isn't easy). Then it happened. I received a call from a facility i had applied for a lower level position. It was a starting point. I had an interview. 

The interview went well over an hour long. My interviewer asked why I wanted the position I'd applied for since it was clear my education exceeded the requirements. I was honest. I said to get my foot in the door. Apparently that was the right answer because he told me he would like to hire me ,but not for the position I'd applied for. For a position they had not even posted yet. For the position that I really wanted that other places would not let me even interview for. 

I am gainfully employed !!!!!! (I start in October)

I did it!!!!!

I got a "real grown up job" !

So this just proves that never giving up pays off in the end. 

I hope the same applies to TTC. 

I am 6DPO in the awful TWW. 

I'm off to have a celebratory dance with my cat. I hope he doesn't barf on me :-)

Thanks for reading Bloggie world and have a fab day. 


  1. Hahahaha how was that cat dancing? Did he barf?

    Congrats!! I'm so excited for you!! That's so great you got a job so soon after graduation! Hard work does pay off!

  2. Congratulations! That is awesome that you didn't even get the entry level job, but that they thought you were perfect for the job not even posted! That is very exciting!

  3. Congratulations!! So happy it all worked out and you got the position you were hoping for from the beginning. They were smart to recognize your skills. Good job at not giving up. Mantra of our lives, no?