Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Should B writing a paper

Just a quick update on my C25k. It has been interrupted by yet another Endo day :-( However I am having a MUCH better day emotionally :-)
I have an ethnographic paper due on Monday and just remembering my fieldwork for that has lifted my spirits. I bet you are wondering what an ethnographic paper is. Don't fret I didn't know what it was before I had to write it either.

Ethnography is defined as The branch of anthropology that deals with the scientific description of specific human cultures.

I am an anthropology minor and this assignment is for my medical anthropology class. I decided to do my ethnography on the Amish. I focus mainly on their hierarchy of resort which is the order of people or things they consult during or in relation to medical problems. For example, when I get sick or have a medical question my first action is to google it. If I am not satisfied with that answer I then call my mom. My next resource is my cousin who is a nurse and is married to a doctor. Normally at this point I know if I need to visit a doctor.
Hierarchy of resort is different based on economic status, culture, and geographical location. It also varies drastically between generations.
I am fortunate to have been able to visit the only Amish community in Florida for my fieldwork. The Amish have quite a laid back way of life and do not stress about much if anything. While I was there I asked one woman what would be the standard procedure for dealing with PCOS. Well she had no clue what I was talking about. In the Amish world they do not think about fertility. It is either God's will or it isn't. They do not know anything else. I tried to ask more questions down this path but they do not discuss these delicate topics with people outside their immediate family.
This got me to thinking about how would I feel if I didn't have children and didn't know why. I actually couldn't even grasp it.

I can't unlearn my fertility complications.

I do not know if this makes me egocentric or something but now that I know what the problems are I want nothing more than to fix it. I have utter respect for those people that can just "give it to God". While I do pray about things I feel I need to do something myself too.

I digress. Looking back at my fieldwork, that I hope to continue, it is nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of my daily life while with the Amish. I will admit though that I clung to my iPhone for hours after leaving ha ha ha.

May you have a wonderful Saturday.

I am off to finish my paper.

*this photo is one I took of an Amish friend as she went home. I was only given permission to take it with her back to me.


  1. Hello! I can't wait to catch up! I should be... catching up! ;-)

    1. Oh my first comment :-) yeah my blog name is very fitting for me. I should always be doing something else. Lol

  2. I believe in giving our worries and stresses to God (not that I've been successful with this), but I think that God gave us the ability to have answers and the resources to get help also. Can you imagine living the carefree life of the Amish? I truly envy that they can live without modern technology and that their focus can be entirely on God and family.

  3. I think the way they live is wonderful. I know if I absolutely had to I could live that way too. Until then I'm thankful for technology.