Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I should B out of bed

So here I am at 11am and I'm still in bed,awake but in bed. I should be getting up and putting on my workout clothes. Today is day four into my couch to 5k journey. I downloaded an app on my trusty iPhone (C25k) and supposedly in 8weeks ill be able to run a 5k if I keep up with this. However, I just want to stay in bed. It has not been the best of mornings. I have PCOS it is awful and today is CD22 I have not ovulated this month at all. My fertility monitor has shown 10 "high" days but no peak. I am not on any medication like many cysters out there. I do not have medical insurance so we are trying the NFP methods. But I can't get pregnant if I don't ovulate! See the thing is some months I DO ovulate others not so much. I never know what it is going to be this month. There are many cysters out there on fertility medications and I wish we were there but we aren't. The odds of a cyster getting pregnant without fertility drugs is something like 5% (I have no clue what the real percentage is). Due to lack of insurance (fertility isn't covered in the state of Florida anyways) and that I'm an unemployed full time college student , NFP is our only option. To be added to my husbands insurance would cost more than have the rent each month. That is just not a doable cost. So, I track my BBT each month and utilize a Clearblue fertility monitor. Right now the question is do I ovulate? And today the answer is not this month. There are many people out there with much worse problems today in my world it is this.
After I finish writing this I will put on my workout clothes and go torture myself with a workout. Then I will go work on one of many papers I need to complete. Only 5 weeks left of classes! 18credits/6classes this semester is kicking my butt.


  1. I'm supposed to run a 10k the beginning of May, and I haven't started running yet. I'm in trouble... Doesn't it scare you a bit to possibly get pregnant when you don't have insurance? We didn't have any insurance for a several years and I lived in constant fear of something happening.

  2. I am on week 2 of my 5k training and so far so good :-)

    My DH and I discussed this possibility. If we get pregnant there are options for me with my school. It has a high healthcare aspect and if push comes to shove I am willing to allow classes/student observe/partake with the process with a qualified person in the room. I have done this before (back in May for my inflamed Endo) and while I don't care to have 9 students staring at my bits I can swallow my pride. They have to learn somehow. I am just thankful to have this as an option.