Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Should B all set

Yep I think I'm all set for this cycle. 
- tampons (till I'm done w/AF)
- FR fertility test (they were on sale)
- FR OPKs 
- WondFo OPKs
- CB fertility monitor and test sticks
- BBT thermometer
- prenatal vitamins 
- Metformin (not pictured)

Now my job is to not miss a day and TRACK, TRACK, TRACK!! 


I showed this picture to DH and he was like "wow". I said ,"see your daily vitamins aren't too bad now are they". Lol. We had our "game plan" meeting and ended it with a pinky promise and a kiss :-)

It is game time and we are the star players! :-) 

I hope we can keep the enthusiasm up. 

On a side note please DO NOT buy your OPKs at a grocery store. They are over priced and the selection is tiny. I advise a drugstore or online for best prices and options. I did not buy mine there but a friend did and she paid way too much. 

Thanks for reading and good night bloggie world. 


  1. You are set! FX for a strong surge this cycle!

  2. Good luck! :) I love the pinky promise and kiss! So cute!

  3. Hope all that stuff has been put to good use! I hope that the star players have a star performance with a winning result!