Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Should B Proud

Thursdays are my weigh in days with Weight Watchers. As of today I have lost 20.1pounds! I am so happy to be able to say this :-) I was letting myself get out of control.
On my birthday this year(January) I decided this would be a gift to myself and my future. It is wonderful to be able to wear clothes that I'd pushed to the back of the closest. My weight loss journey is nowhere close to being complete but I'm twenty pounds closer to the end. I have not only joined WW but I have also started running.
I used to ask people why they ran. Did they run because someone was chasing them? My joke was always, I'd prefer to conserve my energy to just fight off the attacker rather then being tired when I am caught. It was my attempt at humor. A way to rationalize why I wasn't running.

Now,I run for me. I run for my future. I run for my health. I do not in anyway enjoy running. In fact, I HATE RUNNING! But sometimes you have to do things you do not like in life. Some people say I will learn to like running. I am not sure if I will enjoy it but I will enjoy the results of running. I will be able to outrun that attacker and not have to worry about them catching me :)

This week I also stopped drinking caffeine. I believe this is harder than running. Lol. My headaches are terrible but I know that is a sign I should've done this a long time ago.

Also, no caffeine and weight loss are things that will help with infertility it won't make it go away but it will help. Plus this is something I can actually do. This way I feel like I'm trying everything.

I hope all those reading this are well. A big thank you to Teresa over at "Where the bleep is our stork" (i have no idea how to link your blog) for helping me to kick start the no caffeine idea. She too is doing the no caffeine thing. Anybody else want to join us?


  1. You go girl!!! I am so happy to hear that you are 20.1 pounds lighter! That is something to be VERY proud of! I am a wimp. Running scares me. I hear it takes practice, maybe I need more of that! ;-) I got a horrible headache today, I am not sure if it is from lack of caffeine or the closeness of AF.... either way, it sucks!

    Thanks for the shout out!

    1. You can do it! Running on treadmills is not possible for me. The whole my body is moving and the stuff around me isn't makes me queasy. I much prefer running around the lake.

  2. Congrats!!! That is such an accomplishment!!

  3. Woo-Hoo for 20.1 lbs lost!! That is a huge accomplishment, even if it isn't the end of your weight loss journey. I have always found that running kind of sucks at the beginning and is hard to make yourself do it, but once you get into it, you kind of enjoy it and somewhat crave that run. At least that has been my experience. You just FEEL so much better afterwards. I have a hard time running in a dreadmill also. (Intentional misspelling). Keep up the fantastic work!!